12 July 2010

The silence is ringing...

So if you read here often, you've noticed I haven't been posting alot recently... well that's due to the overwhelming nature of school, work, and marriage. Needless to say, none of these things can be laid aside. So, I ask you to bear with me and give me time to get some good things put together.

Well, for now, I will just put some prayer requests down. Laura and I are going through the process to be able to adopt from the state, pray that we are guided to make good decisions in this process. I am preparing to enter seminary next summer, and I'm a little shaky and scared about it. Pray for peace and strength in this. And the last big one is to do with finances. We have trimmed out expenses to a third of what they were 2 years ago, but just as we feel that we are getting ahead we get hit again. Laura's 4-runner may be down for the count. We are going to have to replace it, and I really do not want to finance another car... Pray that God will give provision for this.