30 November 2010

Been doing some thinking...

After a lot of hard prayer, consideration, and downright hard work, I've decided to pass on the Tough Mudder this year. Two major points play into this decision. 1. It's January 29th, two weeks before I complete my Bachelors, and I'll have to be training (about 2hrs a day) between now and then to do it and do it right. I need to be putting that time into my studies, not this personal goal, but to the goal that benefits the family the most. 2. I'm preparing for a move at the beginning of January. between School and Work, I barely have time to move, much less train for something this intense.

So I'm going to delay for a year. Tough Mudder is a great benefit and it'll be around in 2012, and I'll be more ready for it by then. Anyone feel like getting on board for a year long training schedule with me? It will include Insanity, Running (street and broken field), Biking, and anything else I can think of...(anyone know where I can find a public obstacle course? Parkour? Any other ideas?)

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