22 December 2010

3 days and counting.

I know, you are thinking I'm talking about Christmas, right? This time, I'm actually not. I'm counting down the working days until I am taking the next step in this risk I am making for the new year. You see, Laura and I are moving to Dallas for me to enter into ministry.

We've done the job hunting, and it seems like we keep missing the mark, but that may be changing. Laura has a chance at a pretty good job at a large women's ministry, and I am still looking for something for me.

So here we are. We are making a step without knowing that there is floor to catch us with the next step. Is this responsible? If we had kids, I would say "no", but since we don't yet, I'm not nearly as worried about it. We have taken some precautions. Our home is going on the rental market with the new year, so that should cover the big bill. Our cars are paid off and we've saved a little for the move. I'm finishing up my BA in February (finally) and moving on to Seminary in the fall. We have spent more time in prayer about these decisions than anything else I can remember other than kids, and we have peace when we think about these "risks".

That's something that I think is funny. We call these decisions "risks", but if we are following God, is there really any risk? Laura and my relationship has improved, our personal emotions have lifted, and we are truly happy. That doesn't sound like the effects of taking a risk to me. Usually, when I am coming up on a risk, I a stressed out, grumpy, and unsure of what is ahead. Now, I am happy, eager, and ready to make the leap. It seems that risking for God is not risking at all, it is doing the one thing you are built to do.

So let me encourage you. It does not matter what it is, but pray to God before taking a risk. If you are following his lead, you will feel peace. That is how to be responsible about life and your family. God will deliver you from any strife, if you follow him and give him the lead. So stop being so independent and follow God. If he has a "risk" for you, jump in with both feet and ride the wave for His glory, not for yours.

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