20 December 2010

A thought from a song

I listened to Casting Crown's "While you were sleeping" on the way to work this morning. Have you heard it? If you have, you'll know what is coming, but if you haven't, check it out, it's well worth the $1.29 on ITunes.

Casting Crowns reall catches America clearly in talking about first Bethlehem and the the US. How is it that we have been shown the King, yet we still turn away from him. What other man showed his power and grace through miracles and resurrection. I look at the things that many churches focus on and wonder. Why is the greatest miracle of Jesus his own resurrection? With all of Jesus' miracles, why is this seen as the biggest?

It seems to me that it is even greater for him to have raised those who had died as he traveled from town to town. I also see his walking on water as greater. Or his feeding of 5000 with only a few loaves of bread and fish. His greatest sacrifice for man was without a doubt his torture and crucifixion, but his resurrection is held as most important. Why?

Jesus' resurrection and later his ascension to heaven proved that the things he taught were true. We see in scripture that others do "magical" things, just look at Moses and the Pharaoh's magicians. But no one raises any from the dead except for Jesus and those given the gift of resurrection by the Holy Spirit. That is why his resurrection is important. Jesus' resurrection shows that life after death is not a lie, but reality.

"While You Were Sleeping" really makes me think about the birth and resurrection of Christ. Here we see the image of Jesus being born in a barn because "there was not room in the inn." Jesus left his place at the Father's right hand to be a man. How do our lives echo Bethlehem. Do we make sure there is always room for Jesus in our lives? I know I don't always. Even as I search for work in ministry and prepare myself for Seminary, I crowd my schedule so much that I miss community group or time in the word.

Looking around America, we do much the same. How much about Christ have you seen this Christmas? I've seen plenty of Santa. I've seen tons about sales and parties, but not one nativity has been seen in my surroundings. In church and community group we've talked about him, but I haven't seen him much outside of there. This is not to say i have not felt his ever present guidance, I have, but I have not done my side of the bargain and showed him to all around me through my words and actions. In a country where it is okay to kill an unborn child but we have to "save the trees," we have to set out to keep Christ in our lives and to welcome him when he returns. Will he find a place to rest his head when he returns? I'll have a place for him, will you?

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