15 December 2010

Risk...putting it to the test.

I recently read Risk by Kenny Luck and I'm trying to apply it's lessons to my life. I shouldn't really say it's lessons, as it simply reveals Jesus' lessons in a different way, but Luck did well. Now here's the kicker, God's putting me in the position where I have to apply it. Laura and I have been planning to move to Dallas so I could go to seminary after finishing my BA for some time, and we have been job hunting as well. Now as we approach 3 weeks from the move date, Laura and I have both been unable to find jobs, and we really don't know where we are going to live for long. My parents have offered up their house until we get ours leased, but i know my mother and I do better loving from a distance (our personalities are like water and oil!). So here we are moving to Dallas, with no jobs and no permanent residence. God is giving me tests, and I will survive. I know he is calling me into the fire, and all steel must be tested by fire before it is cured. I only ask for your prayers as we step out into this next chapter of life.

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